A cable channel consisting of entertainment, instructional and informative programs, devoted to improving law enforcement's image, educational, panel shows, documentaries, series, movies and other type of shows that are helpful to the public and legal community.

The Crime Channel also broadcasts foreign (English subtitled) programs from the police departments, courts and other law enforcement sources.


(1) USA
78206 VARNER ROAD (D 131)
PALM DESERT, CA 92211 USA                                                       

TEL: (760) 360-6151


Please be our guest and view The Crime Channel concept Video by selecting the link below!


We are preparing to re-launch on a 24/7 basis, "The Crime Channel", a unique and very important cable channel and web site, after a highly successful test market (selling out all our commercial advertising spots) in the United States!

Essentially "The Crime Channel" focuses on the many aspects of crime in our society, and how the average viewer and law enforcement agencies can better cope with it.  

Programming is:informative,educational, and entertaining, designed to improve relations between the police and community, prevent crime and advocate for victim's rights.  It is important to know, that the most viewed programming on a world wide basis, has always been about the subject of crime!!

Since crime and all its manifestations are diverse and far reaching, "The Crime Channel" touches upon topics relevant to the community at large.  The dynamic interplay between terrorism, drugs, robberies, gambling and national and local law enforcement's ability to cope with them, define the primary intention of The Crime Channel".

Carriage of  "The Crime Channel" will add prestige and popularity to the cable systems channel line-up, and will be of great help to society.  When viewers are provided a positive insight into crime and all its incarnations on a daily basis,  the subject matter will decidedly strengthen its bond between all law abiding citizens.

Also, local law enforcement officials will develop a closer affinity with the publics problems, due to the nature of "The Crime Channel's programs.

The channel will also engage with local enforcement officials by profiling them in our programming.  For example, a show under consideration, "Ask the Chief" will center on local authorities and their approach to minimizing crime.

From an advertising point of view, The Crime Channel makes available to local affiliates, various ad spots on a barter basis. The Crime Channel has access to a broad array of informative & entertaining programs, on a fictional and true to life basis. Unlike other channels, this includes programs that are acquired from worldwide city,county and government agencies who want to instruct the public in crime prevention.

Take a sneak peak at The Crime Channel, coming your way in the near future.   Stop crime before it starts and protect your family, friends and community in the process.  Get tips on how to protect your children and your home from unwanted invasions on your persons and your property.

Crime and its various manifestations is a major obstacle to the good life for citizens around the world.  Support The Crime Channel and fight back at those who seek us to harm us.

Follow the progress of The Crime Channel on this site.  If you like what you see in this brief clip, tell you friends, neighbors and anyone within earshot to call their cable TV provider and demand that they carry The Crime Channel.  Let’s all join together and deal a crushing blow to crime!